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Webinar Presentation by Dr. Kevin Justus

MFMSMBy MFMSM      July 30, 2013

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Dr. Kevin Justus, MD, FACOG, was the main speaker for the Prenatal Genetic Testing Webinar, that took place with APAOG, on June 12, 2013.
Topics covered during Dr. Justus webinar presentation were:

• Prenatal testing options and timing of test, including less invasive maternal plasma DNA sequencing for detection of Down Syndrome.

• Identify test that are recommended by ACOG for all women, as well as tests that are recommended by ACOG for select populations.

• Discuss advantages and disadvantages of amniocentesis versus maternal plasma DNA testing.

• Discuss follow up for abnormal and inconclusive test results.

• Identify patients at risk for chromosomal abnormalities, in order to consider preconception genetic screening.
By MFMSM      July 30, 2013

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